Does luck really helps you to clear your job interviews?

If you ask me I really say that it won't

Let me tell you my example in my very first interview I was not at all prepared, but I needed the job desperately now. I have seen the ad in the newspaper and decided to give the interview, when I went there I saw one of my friend was already sitting there. I just feel little relax then we both had a talk for some time. My friend asked me, have you done any Interview preparation. I told him that I have not done any Interview preparation I will get the job if it is in my luck.

After some time, interviewer called both of us simultaneously we both entered the room. Interviewer asked us to have a seat. Then he started asking us some questions. The very first question which he asked is tell me something about yourself. Now my friend started giving his introduction & believe me he has given a very good introduction. Then my turn came I have also started giving my introduction, but it was not at all fluent. After that interviewer asked some more questions. My friend has given good answers for them, but I was not able to. This has happened because I have not done any preparation and I was overconfident on my luck. We waited for some time then the results got announced and my friend got this job.

While returning to the home I just recalled about the talks which I had when we were there I recalled that line as well where I said I will get this job if it is in my luck. But now I realise that there is nothing called luck but if you do proper preparation for job interviews you will be more confident and there are brighter chances to get a job also you cannot win your goal only with the luck you have to work hard for it.

What I believe is luck is the feeling which is positive when you are properly prepared. Your approach for everything in the life should be very positive and disciplined. As far as getting a job is concerned you should be well prepared before going in an interview you need to properly see the job description. You should know about the company for which you are giving interview. You should know proper roles and responsibilities of the position for which you are giving an interview. Nothing is going to happen only with luck.

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