few keywords have very different versions in Visual Basic and C#:


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  •  Friend vs internal – access modifiers allowing inter-class but not inter-assembly reference, except for friend assemblies
  •     Me vs this – a self-reference to the current object instance
  •     MustInherit vs abstract – prevents a class from being directly instantiated, and forces consumers to create object references to only derived classes
  •     MustOverride vs abstract – for forcing derived classes to override this method
  •     MyBase vs base – for referring to the base class from which the current class is derived
  •     NotInheritable vs sealed – for declaring classes that may not be inherited
  •     NotOverridable vs sealed – for declaring methods that may not be overridden by derived classes
  •     Overridable vs virtual – declares a method as being able to be overridden in derived classes
  •     Shared vs static – for declaring methods that do not require an explicit instance of an object
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