How do you handle upgrades in Drupal?


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Steps to Upgrade drupal minor version.
backing up the site,
putting it into maintenance mode
downloading the new version of the module
uncompressing it
running update.php
testing the site
taking the site out of maintenance mode
Steps to Upgrade Drupal major version.
Backup your existing site and database.
Log in as user ID 1
Put your site in maintenance mode
Change all themes to Garland
Disable non-core modules
Remove default settings file
Remove all old core files and directories
Remove uninstalled modules
Download Drupal 7
Re-apply modifications to core files
Make your phpfile writeable
Run the update script
Backup your database
Upgrade fields
Update contrib modules and themes
Check the Status Report
Make sure settings.php is secure
Check Drupal Core Modules
Remove your site from Maintenance Mode

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