How to compile and run PhoneGap Developer App?


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The app bundles the phonegap npm module as a dependency. This means that there is no need for a global installation of phonegap or cordova. By editing the package.json, you can specify the exact version of phonegap to compile the project.

Since a global install of the phonegap module is not required, we use npm run scripts to compile and run the application. This allows the app's platforms/ and plugins/ directories to be removed and rebuilt each time, ensuring a consistent build using the correct PhoneGap, Cordova, platform, and plugin versions.

The command structure is:

$ npm run phonegap -- <command> [args]

For example, you can check the version of phonegap:

$ npm run phonegap -- --version

You can compile and run iOS or Android:

$ npm run phonegap -- run ios
$ npm run phonegap -- run android
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