How To Installation Using Easy_install?


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Python Enterprise Application Kit (PEAK) provides a python module named Easy Install. This facilitates deployment of the Python packages. This module simplifies the procedure of downloading, building and deploying Python application and products.

Easy Install needs to be installed in the system before installing CherryPy.

Step 1 − Download the module from and run it using the administrative rights on the computer: python

Step 2 − The following command is used to install Easy Install.: easy_install product_name

Step 3 − easy_install will search the Python Package Index (PyPI) to find the given product. PyPI is a centralized repository of information for all Python products.

Use the following command to deploy the latest available version of CherryPy: easy_install cherrypy

Step 4 − easy_install will then download CherryPy, build, and install it globally to your Python environment.

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