How To Installation Using Subversion?


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Installation of CherryPy using Subversion is recommended in the following situations −

    A feature exists or a bug has been fixed and is only available in code under development.
    When the developer works on CherryPy itself.
    When the user needs a branch from the main branch in the versioning control repository.
    For bug fixing of the previous release.

The basic principle of subversioning is to register a repository and keep a track of each of the versions, which include a series of changes in them.

Follow these steps to understand the installation of CherryPy using Subversion

Step 1 − To use the most recent version of the project, it is necessary to check out the trunk folder found on the Subversion repository.

Step 2 − Enter the following command from a shell

Step 3 − Now, create a CherryPy directory and download the complete source code into it.

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