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A more inconspicuous type of the “What are your 2 weakest zones?”
Choice 1: Mention shortcomings that won’t influence this position much. In the event that its a position that includes steady change and test, at that point notice that “I get exhausted effectively doing likewise finished.” (if it’s valid for course). In the event that it’s an ambitious start, notice that: “I have more vitality prior in the day, and have a tendency to get worn out in the early night. This was an issue in a past move work.”
Choice 2: Talk around a zone that you’re as of now taking a shot at, or have as of late understood. “This position requires venture administration encounter. I’ve as of late taken a seminar on MS Project, and have quite recently effectively conveyed an independent undertaking where I anticipate oversaw re-appropriated designers.”
Choice 3: Talk about shortcomings that they would already be able to see on your CV, be the first to bring these up. On the off chance that they bring them up, you’ll likely be on the back foot and will lose the chance to remain in control amid the meeting: “Your job has staff administration duties, and as should be obvious from my Resume, I haven’t yet had direct report obligations.” obviously on the off chance that you have get-away or low maintenance staff administration

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