List Out What Features Are Available In Phonegap Cameraoptions?


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Features Are Available In Phonegap Camera options are:
*Quality: It tells the quality of saved image that range from [0-100].
*Destination Type: Choose the format of the return value.
*Encoding Type: It determines the encoding type of the returned image.
*AllowEdit: Before selection of image, it allows simple editing of image
*sourceType: Set the source of the picture.
*TargetWidth: It determines how you can set image width
*TargetHeight: It tells how you can set image height.
*mediaType: Set the type of media to select from. Only works when PictureSourceType is PHOTOLIBRARY or SAVEDPHOTOALBUM.
*saveToPhotoAlbum: Save the image to the photo album on the device after capture.

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