What Are Implications Of The Four Vs Of Operations Processes?


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All operations processes have one thing in common, they all take their ‘inputs’ like, crude materials,knowledge, capital, equipment and time and transform them into outputs. They do this in various ways, and the fundamental four are known as the Four V’s, Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility. Put essentially, high volume, low variety, low variation and low client contact all assistance to hold preparing costs down. On the other hand, low volume, high variation, high variety and high client contact for the most part convey some sort of cost penalty for the activity. This is the reason the volume measurement is drawn with its ‘low’ end at the left, dissimilar to alternate measurements, to keep all the ‘low cost’ suggestions on the right. To some degree the situation of a task in the four measurements is dictated by the interest of the market it is serving. In any case, most activities have some watchfulness in moving themselves on the measurements.

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