What Are The Strengths Of Cherrypy?


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The following features of CherryPy are considered as its strengths −

Simplicity: Developing a project in CherryPy is a simple task with few lines of code developed as per the conventions and indentations of Python.

CherryPy is also very modular. The primary components are well managed with correct logic concept and parent classes are expandable to child classes.

Power: CherryPy leverages all the power of Python. It also provides tools and plugins, which are powerful extension points needed to develop world-class applications.

Open-source: CherryPy is an open-source Python Web Framework (licensed under the open-source BSD license), which means this framework can be used commercially at ZERO cost.

Community Help: It has a devoted community which provides complete support with various types of questions and answers. The community tries to give complete assistance to the developers starting from the beginner level to the advanced level.

Deployment: There are cost effective ways to deploy the application. CherryPy includes its own production-ready HTTP server to host your application. CherryPy can also be deployed on any WSGI-compliant gateway.

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