What Is Cherrypy Configuration?


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The framework comes with its own configuration system allowing you to parameterize the HTTP server. The settings for the configuration can be stored either in a text file with syntax close to the INI format or as a complete Python dictionary.

To configure the CherryPy server instance, the developer needs to use the global section of the settings.

global_conf = {
   'global': {
      'server.socket_host': 'localhost',
      'server.socket_port': 8080,
application_conf = {
   '/style.css': {
      'tools.staticfile.on': True,
      'tools.staticfile.filename': os.path.join(_curdir, 'style.css'),
This could be represented in a file like this:
server.socket_host = "localhost"
server.socket_port = 8080
tools.staticfile.on = True
tools.staticfile.filename = "/full/path/to.style.css"

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