What Is Http Compliance?


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CherryPy has been evolving slowly but it includes the compilation of HTTP specifications with the support of HTTP/1.0 later transferring with the support of HTTP/1.1.

CherryPy is said to be conditionally compliant with HTTP/1.1 as it implements all the must and required levels but not all the should levels of the specification. Therefore, CherryPy supports the following features of HTTP/1.1 −

    If a client claims to support HTTP/1.1, it must send a header field in any request made with the specified protocol version. If it is not done, CherryPy will immediately stop the processing of the request.
    CherryPy generates a Date header field which is used in all configurations.
    CherryPy can handle response status code (100) with the support of clients.
    CherryPy's built-in HTTP server supports persistent connections that are the default in HTTP/1.1, through the use of the Connection: Keep-Alive header.
    CherryPy handles correctly chunked requests and responses.
    CherryPy supports requests in two distinct ways − If-Modified-Since and If-Unmodified-Since headers and sends responses as per the requests accordingly.
    CherryPy allows any HTTP method.
    CherryPy handles the combinations of HTTP versions between the client and the setting set for the server.

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