What Is Seo? 


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SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a part of internet marketing. SEO is a method by which the visibility of a website or a web page is increased on search engine. It is done to increase the visits on the site as more frequently and high the website appears on a search engine, more will be the visitors visiting it. SEO is the study of how the search engines operate and how it can be used to increase visibility of a website or a web page.
SEO involves the following practices:

Editing the content and the associated HTML coding.
Optimizing the keywords strength in the content.
Assigning relevant and keyword specific title tags and other meta tags.
Increasing the number of back links and inbound links.
List And Briefly Explain The Types Of Email Marketing Strategies?
The following are the various types of email marketing techniques:

Email newsletters: They are direct emails sent out to a list of subscribers or customers on a regular basis. They may be sent out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. They primarily aim at building and strengthening the customer relationship with the company.

Traditional emails: They are triggered transactional messages sent out based on a customer’s action with a company. They include dropped basket messages, purchase or order confirmation emails and email receipts. They primarily aim at conveying and confirming the actions that triggered it. These days many email newsletter software vendors provide transactional email support which gives companies the ability to include promotional messages or advertisements within the body of the transactional emails. Some software vendors even offer specialized email marketing services such as providing targeted and personalized transactional email messages and running specific marketing campaigns such as customer referral programs which thereby enhances the vendor’s or website owner’s online marketing strategy.

Direct mails: This email marketing strategy includes sending an email solely for the purpose of communicating a promotional message, such as announcement of a special offer or catalogs of products. Companies generally maintain a list of customers or potential customers or even hire a list of email addresses from service companies to send direct mails to.

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