What is the process to perform an incremental data load in Sqoop?


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The process to perform incremental data load in Sqoop is to synchronize the modified or updated data (often referred as delta data) from RDBMS to Hadoop. The delta data can be facilitated through the incremental load command in Sqoop.

Incremental load can be performed by using Sqoop import command or by loading the data into hive without overwriting it. The different attributes that need to be specified during incremental load in Sqoop are-

1)Mode (incremental) –The mode defines how Sqoop will determine what the new rows are. The mode can have value as Append or Last Modified.

2)Col (Check-column) –This attribute specifies the column that should be examined to find out the rows to be imported.

3)Value (last-value) –This denotes the maximum value of the check column from the previous import operation.

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