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You chance falling off sounding vain or being cross addressed in the event that you answer this one too soon. Rather think about the accompanying answers as conceivable outcomes.
“I don’t yet have enough data about the position and your organization, to disclose to you that I can carry out this activity.”
Continuation 1: “Since you’ve welcomed me to this meeting, would you be able to please disclose to me what you find in my capabilities and experience that influence you to trust I can carry out this activity?” (I’m not searching for confirmation from them; I answer and ask with trust with the end goal to get data) If the questioner does not have a duplicate of my resume present, I will rather inquire as to whether he or she has had the chance to audit my resume.
Continuation 2: “Would you mind on the off chance that I asked a couple of inquiries I’ve arranged to get the chance to all the more likely comprehend the activity first?” The business would be irrational to state “no”, and you can return to answer their inquiry later once you find out about the position.

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