What was one of the most surprising outcomes to a test you’ve run?


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A/B testing and multivariate testing (MVT) are the workhorses of transformation advancement. Experienced change experts ought to have a rich history of tests to draw upon. Which ones were the most critical? What’s more, why? While this is absolutely an open door for a possibility to (submissively?) take note of a portion of their greatest triumphs, I think the best responses to this inquiry uncover boldness and imagination.
Specifically, how intense has the applicant been in attempting huge and inventive thoughts? Did they test existing known limits, or did they avoid any risk?
What were a portion of the theories that roused their testing, and how did their point of view advance over an arrangement of tests? Were there any tests that were fantastic disappointments? What did they gain from them? On the off chance that they haven’t gone out on a limb that have fizzled — or on the off chance that they’re awkward conceding them — that would be a warning.

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