What would you boss say are your 2 worst characteristics?


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One-two punch question. In addition to the fact that you have to discuss an abilities shortfall or shortcoming, however you need to second figure your managers sees.
You could avoid this inquiry and propose that: “In case you’re not kidding about offering me this position, at that point I recommend you contact my manager to ask him/her.”
I incline toward attacking this issue head-on: “Not being a mind-peruser, I can disclose to you what he/she has said to me.” Then allude back to point 3 above. You’ll rarely need to answer this inquiry and point 3 in a similar meeting.
I like catching up with: “May I inquire as to whether any sorts of representative qualities have or are giving a test to execution?”
Play Judas on your questioner to see whether there was something behind their inquiry. Better you discover now and not after you’ve joined.

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